A Homestretch, No Finish Line

It is almost mid-May and we are on the homestretch of finishing out the most unusual quarter of school any of us has ever seen. Another year is wrapping up and some of you are graduating and moving on to post-secondary options. Others will be transitioning from middle school to high school in the fall.Continue reading “A Homestretch, No Finish Line”

With Much Drain and Strain, We Need a Refrain

It has been well over a month now since we last gathered in the classrooms and hallways at school. Or seen in person some of the faces of the people who most brighten our days. We have appreciated in new ways the family time and the nice weather when we get it. And the technologyContinue reading “With Much Drain and Strain, We Need a Refrain”

“We’re all in this together . . . “

“We’re all in this together.” I have heard and said this many times in recent weeks. It is more true currently than any other time I can think of in my years of life. Families and teams say it. Friends and colleagues say it. How often, though, does a global community say it? If youContinue reading ““We’re all in this together . . . “”

Faulty Math: 2 x 2 > 4

Things don’t seem right. We won’t be gathering with family to share an Easter meal. The joyous hymns of Easter Sunday services won’t be spilling out of full churches. There won’t be little kids, and big kids too, taking part in backyard egg hunts with grandparents and others watching. There will still be family timeContinue reading “Faulty Math: 2 x 2 > 4”

Where there is despair, go fly a kite . . .

The Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi begins with “Lord, make me an instrument of your peace…” Finding peace in pandemic times isn’t always easy, but it is possible. How are you finding peace and making peace with uncertainty? Writing and time with nature are two of my unwavering peace providers. Yesterday was Palm SundayContinue reading “Where there is despair, go fly a kite . . .”

Grounded in Gratitude

We are winding down the first week of online school. The classrooms in our building sit empty, but Google Classrooms came alive in new ways this week. Students, teachers, and parents learned to navigate a variety of platforms that will help learning continue. We don’t kid ourselves that it is the same as being togetherContinue reading “Grounded in Gratitude”

A Poem For A Pandemic, A Month, A Day. And A Challenge For You.

There is a poet within me. Is there one within you? “I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it” is a phrase we would sometimes use when I was a student, when someone created a witty or rhyming line. I believe we all have poets living within us. Do you want to find yours?Continue reading “A Poem For A Pandemic, A Month, A Day. And A Challenge For You.”

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